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Your Privacy Office
Expert Privacy Advice – on point – on time

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Privacy legislation, not to mention client and patient expectations, require you to be on top of ensuring that you are protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the information that you hold. At the same time, you are trying to get more done with fewer resources.

cloudiPHI provides privacy expertise on an as-needed basis to ensure that you know what your obligations are, that you can meet your obligations, that privacy works WITH not AGAINST your operations and primary mission, and does so in a way that saves you time and aggravation. Whether you need occasional advice on particular issues, ongoing support for particular functions or projects, or whether you want to outsource your entire privacy function, cloudiPHI is there for you.

Your Advisor

This service is for Health Service Providers with occasional data protection/privacy questions.
A patient tells you that they don’t want anyone else to see their health record.
Can you do that?
One of your doctors has just asked you for access to your records for research purposes.
Can he/she have it?
How do you respond to a Freedom of Information request that involves your financial & client records? You’ve just found out that someone has complained to the Privacy Commissioner.
Are you ready?
If you have given the privacy officerresponsibilities to someone who doesn’t live and breathe in that world, like we do, that person is going to need help and support.
That’s what we are there for.

Your Analyst

This service is to provide deep expertise to take your privacy program to the next level.
You need to have a privacy expert as part of a project team. You need a privacy analyst to review your program. You need to regularly review and update your privacy policies and procedures. You need to work with external stakeholders on privacy issues. If your privacy officer is stretched to the limit, managing their day to day responsibilities, cloudiPHI will supply the additional expertise & resources they need to meet all your stakeholder expectations.

Your Office

This service provides on-site or on-call dedicated resources who are familiar with your requirements.
cloudiPHI provides privacy training and support so that you have dedicated privacy professionals. Succession planning and replacement support to ensure you never lose coverage. Privacy impacts many areas of the business and needs operational as well as policy expertise. Extra help is there when you need it. If you want to ensure that you have a first class privacy office, you need to provide an environment where privacy professionals flourish and are supported, while still knowing your organization intimately.

Custom offerings to meet your specific Privacy needs

PHI Breach Response
Based on a ‘one-time-use’ in an emergency breach situation, this offeringwill provide support and guidance to your organization to mitigate risk andeffectively manage a privacy breach.
  • One-time use offering to supportorganizations with PHI breaches
  • Organizational privacy analysis (optional)
  • Minimum 5 hours annually
  • Services
  • One-time use offering to support organizations with PHI breaches
Privacy Officer on Demand
Based on ‘bucket of hours’ and an ongoingcommitment to ‘be there for you’, you can plug our experts into your projects and programs where required. You get directed expertise on-demandwith contained costs.
  • One time set up fee where organizations would  like to include Privacy Breach Response
  • Privacy advisory, support, strategy and training services based on pre-purchased ‘bucket of hours’  – use as required
  • Minimum 4 hours monthly
  • Services
  • Based on pre-purchased "bucket of hours"
  • Request response based on SLA
  • Use hours for training/ support/ strategy/ advisory
Outsourced Privacy Office
This is the full business services solution. cloudiPHI assumes control of your privacy office and delivers ongoing support to match your organizations’ specific needs.
  • Implementation
  • Transition and change management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Services
  • Governance
  • Policies
  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Breach Management

Cloud Hosting - IaaS
Securely move your healthcare applications to the cloud

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Managing healthcare applications on premises is a resource intensive exercise and it is not a cost effective approach to delivering your core services. cloudiPHI™ provides a solution to securely host your healthcare applications through our Infrastructure as a service offering (IaaS) enabling a reduced total cost of ownership while increasing the security and resilience of your systems.

The solution has been specifically developed to securely host healthcare applications in compliance with PHIPA legislation and security and privacy best practices. cloudiPHI™ has the right solution for your healthcare cloud hosting project, whether it is a single application or your production infrastructure - from development and test through to to disaster recovery and production hosting.


This service is for health service providers looking to reduce capital expenditures and explore cloud services.
A new project requires a development and test environment to be provisioned ASAP. Your current development and test environment needs to be refreshed without a large capital investment. You are curious about how cloud can help your organization and want a low risk pilot project to validate the benefits. You don’t have a proper test environment,as the upfront capital costs are too high.


This service provides a proven and secure environment for HSPs ready to realize the full benefits of Infrastructure as a service.
You want to move production to the cloud but have not been able to find a provider able to host PHI. Capital budgets are limited, but your existing production servers need to be refreshed. You have a new project that fits your cloud strategy and are looking for a provider that understands healthcare applications. You don’t have the IT staff to efficiently and securely manage your current and planned health care applications.

Disaster Recovery

This service provides the ability to createa cost effective DR strategy that will be secure for health care applications.
What happens if your server room is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or other disaster? How do you recover data in the event of a disaster and resume normal operations? Lack of a proper business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan has been flagged as an audit risk. The capital budget required to build a dedicated disaster recovery site is not available.

Cloud Offerings ~ Pricing and Service to match your requirements

Hosted Cloud
CloudiPHI provides the secure cloud infrastructure and core services.Your IT team manages the servers and applications. This solution is a good fit for test environments and pilot projects.
  • One time set up fee
  • Monthly charge per Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Service Level Agreement – VM and Connectivity
  • Add on services available
Managed Hosted Cloud
Provides the same core infrastructureand services as the hosted cloud offering, but includes server management.This solution is ideal for production application deployments.
  • One time set up fee
  • Monthly charge per operating system (OS) instance
  • Service Level Agreement – OS and Connectivity
  • Add on services available
Managed Application
Custom solutions designed specifically for your application requirements. CloudiPHI will manage the solution end-to-end, delivering lower TCO and maximum flexibility.
  • One time set up fee
  • Custom package based onapplication complexity
  • Custom Service Level Agreement
  • Integrated solution

Cloud Consulting and Solutions
Enabling cloud-based solutions for healthcare

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Ever increasing cost of technology ownership, long lead times to value realization and the lack of agility and security are some of the key challenges facing Health Information Technology today. Effectively leveraging cloud-based solutions will allow healthcare organizations to meet some of these key challenges.

While the benefits to cloud computing are clear and other industry sectors are already leveraging these solutions, the healthcare industry is still in the early stages of embracing cloud computing. This slow adoption rate can be primarily attributed to concerns about safeguarding confidential patient information and compliance with regulations. The secondary barriers are related to the number of existing legacy applications and the cost to migrate as well as resistance to change and perceived loss of control.

There are many approaches to leveraging cloud-based solutions, some with shorter time to value and others which are more strategic in nature. cloudiPHI has the experience, expertise and solutions to help your organization define an effective strategy to leverage cloud-based solutions and migrate your existing Health Information Technology to realize maximum short and long term benefits.

Our key services include:

Our key cloud-based solution offerings include:

  • Hosted Email (Exchange/Blackbery Enterprise Server)
  • Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Hosted Microsoft Lync
  • Cloud-backup Solutions
  • Cloud-Hosting
  • Privacy Compliant Google Docs Solutions
  • Secure File Transfer for Healthcare
  • Video Conferencing and Communications
  • Health Analytics

About cloudiPHI

We are a Health Information Technology (HIT) services organization providing customized secure infrastructure and privacy services to organizations accountable for Personal Health Information (PHI). Our team is made up of experts from across the healthcare field. We have the technical and administrative expertise to help organizations raise their competence and performance around protecting their client’s or patient’s information.

Our customers want to focus on delivering healthcare services to their clients or patients, not securing infrastructure and implementing data protection. We enable this by freeing up customer resources related to secure IT and PHI compliance. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" service model and we scale our service offerings to the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to:

  • Improve your Risk Management around PHI
  • Improve your access to specialized HIT resources – affordable privacy and security
  • Reduce your capital and operating costs on HIT solutions
  • Improve your ability to quickly deliver HIT solutions

Our Leadership Team

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Email: info@cloudiphi.com
Phone: (844) 807-3923